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Non-Event at Home: tk, Live Pre-Quarantine, March 1, 2020


Non-Event · tK, “Live Pre-Quarantine March 1st, 2020” (Non-Event at Home)

Noise improv trio tK (Heather Kapplow, Phil Milstein, Thalia Zedek) formed at the start of 2018, and released Bandcamp albums Urchin Figurines and Sixteen Tones in our first year. We spent much of 2019 on hiatus due to the travel schedules of various members, but released two remotely-produced “5 Minute” cassettes on Wee Space Tapes in that year.

Our first rehearsal after reconvening in early 2020 found us knocking the rust off our instruments, but we rose to the occasion at our next one, playing unexpectedly at peak form. It’s been rare for us to arrive at unanimous views of our performances, but each of us felt the magic during this March 1 session, and once again when listening back to the recording. It is from that recording that we present this set.

tK will be releasing a full album, Quarta Voce — in download and cassette formats — on Wrong Whole Archival Records Bureau later this year.

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