Video synthesis with Video_Waaaves

Sunday, April 5, 12:00 am

anyone interested in participating in this will need to RSVP with me before april 3rd! the cost is $20 very strongly suggested donation, total class size will be capped at 20 participants, we will be using zoom ( for the screen sharing. To RSVP you will need to email me at ex.zee.ex at gmail dot com and answer the following 3 questions
1. what kind of goals do you have for this class?
2. are you able to follow the instructions for installing video waaves in the readme over here ( ) before the class begins? no joke on this it can take 10-20 minutes to download xcode or virtual studio stuffs
3. how does these pictures make you feel?
please do not put off installing things until right before the class, i am willing to assist with troubleshooting issues with folks before the class starts but will ask for the cost of admission in advance if so!

We will go through the fundamentals of video synthesis with feedback systems using video waaaves! Mac osx and Windows 10 only!

Andrei Jay is a mathematician and video artist who has spent years researching and developing instruments for real time video synthesis. Their Video_Waaaves software ( is a powerful and unique open source tool for video synthesis capable of mixing live inputs with framebuffer delays and transforming them into complex generative reaction-diffusion and cellular automata patterns. Capable of either subtle hallucinogenic effects or all out insane alien landscapes, Video Waaaves is an excellent introduction to modern video synthesis techniques for artists from any background and any experience levels! visit for more info on video feedback and video synthesis. and for info on more online and irl classes we do!

., United States, NY

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