Contemporary for All

Friday, April 10, 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

This dance class is designed for people of all ages, levels, experiences, and abilities. Everything from the warm-ups and stretches to the across the floor work (or across the house) and choreography is adaptable for each individual. You are encouraged to adjust it to fit your needs and goals.

This is a contemporary class but that has a huge range for music, style, and theme. This class was created as a safe space for anyone to explore dance and it is ideal for people who are first time movers, recovering from an injury or have not been dancing recently, long time dancers looking to develop their own style, and anyone who wants to share a dance class with friends or family.

While class is held remotely it will be by donation only. Traditionally this class has sliding scale pricing: $5-$14 (based on the number of people in class) More people = lower cost. Please make donations to @maddie_bell on Venmo or reach out to for alternative ways to support us.

. , Boston

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