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A New Direction

To My Loyal Artist2Artist Followers: First of all I wanted to say thank you for supporting Artist2Artist. I truly value each person that has subscribed, read the various posts, and taken the time to respond, comment, and give feedback. Thank you for caring. You may...

Broken Artists

Do insecurities get the best of you to the point where you feel broken? Here’s some encouragement to help you move forward.

Job Identity Crisis

Do you ever feel like your worth is directly tied to what you do? Learn how to break free from having your job define your identity.

Has Creativity Crippled You?

Does the creativity that brings you so much joy also frustrate you and make you put your life on hold? Find out how to avoid being crippled by creativity.

Quality vs. Quantity

Do you live a life of quality or do you feel like your life is dictated by numbers and a production oriented mindset? In an age where social media, internet, and technology run the world, do you find it harder find something that feels real? Do you long for something more in life but settle for the reality in front of you? Check out this post and decide how you want to live.

Reality Check-Dealing With Those Times When You’re Just “Over It”

OK I think it's time to get real here. After reading some of my previous posts, you might assume that my life is pretty well in order, that I don't have any major struggles because I know how to avoid them with "3 ways to overcome struggles" or if I do have struggles...

The Waiting Game

If you're an artist it often seems like every night is game night-waiting game night. The difference between waiting game night and normal game night is that the waiting game isn't fun or enjoyable, it lasts too long, and it's hard to beat. Yes, we artists are no...

Inspiration For When Your Brain Is Creative But Your Body Is A Hot Mess

Have you ever felt like your inside doesn't match your outside?  Let me rephrase that, have you ever felt like an energizer bunny mentally but a complete train wreck physically?  I know I have. This situation occurs any time you have the will, passion, and desire to...

Blurred Lines-Setting Boundaries Between Work and Personal Life

We all know how completely consuming art can be. Creating a new project or work requires so much time and tends to take over your life.  However, artists aren't the only ones getting consumed by their work.  Let's face it, most people today are run by their jobs. The...

13 Reactions to the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”

I have to say I don't watch a lot of TV shows. I have a few shows that I'm loyal to and that's pretty much all I have time for. When I heard all the buzz surrounding the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why I decided to check it out. I went through the 13 episodes...

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I'm Liz DeMarco! I'm a fellow artist who has worked a plethora of jobs in the theatre and entertainment industry for over ten years. I understand firsthand the ups and downs that come with being an artist. My greatest passion is being able to encourage fellow artists with the inspiration that has gotten me through the good times and the bad. When I'm not blogging, I'm working at Disney World, getting together with friends, or partaking in entertainment that feeds my soul.

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If you've got a question or want to ask me anything, you can reach me at lizdemarco@artist2artist.org!