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Armando Macrossan


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Visual Art

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Declan Nicolai Nicolai
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classical or Celtic harp lesson

Immacolata Morena
(857) 507-7200

I am a classical harpist originally from Italy, currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. During these years I became very passionate about teaching and bringing the harp closer and accessible to the students who might be interested in learning how to play it. The lessons are about approaching the harp from the very first time, and becoming familiar with the position of the hands and the technique of the articulation. From there I like to focus on relaxation and effortlessness as a way to reach an internal quiet space and feeling safe in performing with the instrument. While studying at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, I had the opportunity to be close to the teaching of the Effortless Mastery Institute and I love to bring this approach to my lessons. Either with Celtic or classical harp, we can start learning the most favorite pieces of the repertoire or creating arrangements from music written from other instruments.


150 HR International Certificate Program

Dominique Robinson
(347) 606-0798

Pizarts Dance Gap Year now offers a 150 Hour International Certificate program with 100 hours group dance classes, 12 hours of privates with your creative specialist and 12 hours with our lead mentor and a 2 hour virtual performance. Program begins September 6th.

Artist Offerings and Services Private Lesson Wellness Wellness

Yoga, Meditation, QiGong, Self-Massage

Tess Collins
(630) 639-0255

Yoga, Meditation, QiGong, Self-Massage
Open level yoga/meditation class on Thursday’s via Zoom for your Mind/Body Quarentainment!
5:30pm Boston Time!!

Zoom link:

Also, providing self-retreat and finding home in freedom discussions!
It’ll be request-based (to whoever shows up), interactive, with more than a “cat-cow” (some self-massage, breath work, and grounding asana snacks).

$ – Pay what you can, If you can. Venmo: @travelingbygroove PayPal:


Somatic movement/ Qi Gong

Alice Heller
(617) 620-7654

For everyone who is feeling out of balance and out of body- self care tools to help with anxiety, grounding and centering
Alice, a Brown belt Nia teacher, Qi gong practicitioner is offering 30 minute sessions – breathing tapping mindful movements – tailored to your needs .